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It contains limited start-up options and minimal means of controlling simultaneous users.Participants can send and receive files during a session, but cannot archive the text chats. MSN Messenger provides some basic chat features, and features audio communication.It provides a basic set of chat features, a range of login status options, and the ability to track the use of multiple chat rooms.

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In this section, The Free offers a roundup of chat freebies on the Web, including free chat programs and freeware chat clients. At this site, you'll find free chat rooms for all ages and interests.In selecting products as the standards for DE delivery, it is often preferable to identify good stand-alone applications that can be used in parallel with one another.This approach allows educators to replace individual products if needed, without causing serious inconvenience to students.Over time, it is likely that conferencing products with multiple integrated functions will become less popular, in the same way as the integrated “tape-slide” machines of the 1970s fell out of favour because of their relative cumbersomeness and inconvenience. Owing to the speed with which Web addresses are changed, the online references cited in this report may be outdated.The next report in this series will discuss software evaluation criteria and terminology. They can be checked at the Athabasca University software evaluation site:

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