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It is one of the most charming chat apps available on the android platform.

Dance-remixes of classic rock hits blasted through the speakers and Jennie rocked alongside the drunk, high crowd on the dancefloor, grinding up against a tall, robust man she'd never seen before, laughing at the jokes he screamed in her ear (and which she couldn't hear), wrapping her arms around his neck as she lowered her body, pressing her breasts, barely contained in her low-neckline dress, against his engorging crotch.

Moco has been termed as number 1 app to flirt with strangers and have fun with them.

There are no fake profiles and people whom you talk on Moco are actually interested in making new buddies.

It enables the user to connect with others using a GPS based algorithm and to adjudge the distance between each other.

It is a highly revolutionized way of chatting with strangers and has developed a huge fan base in the last few months.

It is the most reputed platform for chatting with strangers and continues to be so for the last years.

There are no gimmicks and the style of this app is quite minimalistic without any flashes.

It also offers the opportunity to meet new people on board.

It basically works on the “subtract the distance” concept.

Here are the top 5 free Android apps to chat with girls and strangers that may prove to be handy: Moco offers a chance to meet strangers on board.

The users can do a lot more fun using this app, like playing games, chat with girls and much more.

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