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After he ate it, Earle told him it was "their little secret".'The abuse continued in on a weekly basis during term time at the school and on Earle's boat in Dartmouth on weekend trips.Mr Peters wrote a victim impact statement, part of which was read by prosecutor Mr Crabb. After having solved the filmmaking problem of “rave critical reviews glowing audience response = success” with “Paddington” in 2015, much of the same creative team is back for a sequel that improves upon its impressive original installment.

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'I spent 50 years of my life somehow believing I also played a part in that process and that's a terrible secret to have to live with.'Mr Peters decided to report the abuse to the police two years ago after his late wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness and other victims of sexual abuse were coming forward.John Earle, 87, was accused by Iain Peters, now 69, of sexually abusing him from 1957 to 1961 when he was a geography teacher at a now-closed boarding school in Okehampton, Devon.Prosecutor Richard Crabb said Earle, who will be 88 in July, was the deputy head at Upcott House Preparatory School, where his father was the headmaster.He went to Exeter police station and handed over a sheet of A4 paper detailing what he had suffered, and said he felt 'extraordinary' to finally have someone in a position of authority believe him.Alison Longhorn, from the CPS, said: 'John Earle took advantage of his young victim for his own sexual gratification.'We worked closely with the police to build a strong case and faced with the evidence against him, Earle pleaded guilty.'Earle's offending has had a lifelong impact on his victim, to whom I would like to express my appreciation.'Without him this prosecution would not have been possible.'He has displayed immense courage during the investigation and prosecution of this case and I hope the sentence imposed today brings him some comfort.'These offences took place more than 50 years ago but regardless of when crimes are committed the CPS will always prosecute when there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to do so.'Earle, from Upton Pyne, Devon, began his broadcasting career in 1964 as the presenter for children's programme called Treasure House until 1965.

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