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Warnings for trespassers hadn’t stopped them, so the owners set up a game camera to catch intruders.The camera captured several images on May 27, June 4 and July 5 of Compton putting a bag over a donkey’s head, getting behind the animal and placing his pelvis against its rear, according to the documents.Marys Hospital in Russellville and Mercy Hospital in Ozark, see Appendix A attached to this policy.

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Assistance is available upon request for individuals wishing to review these reporting options regardless of whether a formal complaint is filed with the Office of Affirmative Action or to law enforcement officials.Under Arkansas law, “consensual” sex between an adult and an underage minor is considered rape because the minor cannot legally consent.The encounters began after a friend dared the 13 year old to contact Mc Cormick, the affidavit states.Joshua Dawson, student at Arkansas Tech University was charged with Internet stalking of a child.According to a release from the MPD, Dawson was taken into custody when he arrived at what was to be a meeting place to engage in sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl.

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