Crosby dating lemieux daughter

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Lemieux’s transition into an ownership role has been relatively quiet as well after he won city and state support for a new arena that opened this fall.A wave from the owner’s box or a timely text message is about all fans get anymore from the man Orr spoke so highly of.Penguins General Manager Ray Shero told Kevin Allen at the USA TODAY that the statement even caught him off guard.“[Mario] just saw something that disturbed him in the game and he spoke out about it,” Shero said. So when he does say something, you know how strongly he feels about it.”To pinpoint the origins of Lemieux’s uncharacteristic reaction, it’s worth taking a look at who he’s become in the five years since he walked away from the game for the final time.The challenge for any supremely-talented athlete is finding an avenue to satisfy the competitive juices long after a playing career ends.Six years seems like a long time, but for Crosby the last six weeks have proved to be the most grueling. You realize going through something like this that being able to drive is a good step. Just getting through that without getting a headache or feeling a little off are the things you take for granted.”-Sidney Crosby, Jan.Recovering from a concussion(s) he suffered in early January remains a frustrating day-to-day process for Crosby as he itches to return to the ice. Crosby didn’t suffer a broken hand from a slash like the one Adam Graves laid on Lemieux in the 1992 playoffs. It’s the things you take for granted and do everyday, like driving. 24Lemieux and the Penguins never complained publicly about the hit Crosby sustained in the Winter Classic from Washington’s David Steckel, but you can sense the team’s quiet frustration as the future of the NHL’s greatest star remains an unknown.

Away from the rink, Mario serves as a father-figure and a mentor to another hockey-obsessed ‘kid’.When they pester an opponent into a senseless penalty, we applaud them and say ‘that’s the type of player you want on your team’.When they take one step over that line, we crucify them mercilessly for their lack of respect. A premeditated attack on another person without consent is deemed assault or battery in most jurisdictions.Lemieux has never forgotten the treatment he received from Tom and Nancy Matthews in the mid-80’s as a French-speaking teenager stepping foot in an unfamiliar city.The Matthews treated him like a son and Mario has made it a point to pay-it-forward by opening the doors of his home to a number of young Penguins over the years.

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