Dansk date Thisted

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Already around year 600 the place got named after the asagod Tyr or Tir (Thyrstadt). In 1866 the first Coop in Denmark emerged in Thisted. Now Thisted mainly earns its income from various Nutrition industries and their support industries, but also has a harbour for coaster traffic and is a popular holiday resort. The meeting got delayed until the ambulance returned to the track. But the audience had fun, when the riders “sailed” through the bends and from time to time tumbled around at the safety fence or simply slipped amid the track. Despite the rain more than 4000 people came through the turnstiles, so Thy Motor Sport was happy with the entrance fee. Facts: Track name: Thisted Speedway Track owner: Thy Motor Sport. Opening meeting 1947: Despite heavy rain that made the track very slippery and difficult på ride, Thy Motor Sport got a fine debut. The only incident was a crash that hit the senior rider Christian Dahl from Randers, who came under his bike. Almost compulsory it rained in the morning, but the track was dry during the meeting and improved along the day.

However the meeting showed good sport and many fine heats, although the track was somewhat challenging for the riders after rain in the morning and caused a few crashes, of which one hit Svend Larsen from Stenlose so hard, that he could not ride in the final heat.

According to the Motor Book from 1951 Aksel Jensen from Aalborg rode a track record in this meeting, but the time is not given. 1951: Obviously it always rained when Thy Motor Klub had meetings, so also this day.

He escaped with a few scratches, but was too shaken to continue.

1953: An audience of 3000 and 38 participants was not enough to save the organizer a healthy economic plus.

Danmarks bedste afterskibar På Heidi’s Bier Bar kan du opleve ægte afterskistemning med store fadøl fra vores mange forskellige ølhaner, dans på bordende og dyste ved sømblokkene.

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