Dawn and que dating

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Dipper disagrees, arguing that the grappling hook has never helped them the whole time they've spent in Gravity Falls.Mabel disagrees and tries to grab a jar of jelly with it, but this just causes the jar to break and leaves a huge mess.Depressed, Wendy states that now since she now has no job, she has to leave town and work at her cousins' lumbermill.Dipper freaks out and says that she can't leave and that they need her.The scene then shows the Mystery Shack being covered by this mysterious shadow, followed with a wrecking ball hitting the top and breaking off part of the sign, recreating the ending of the previous episode.

Gideon comes out of the shack, greeting the huge crowd in front of him.Mabel also reminds Dipper that while Gideon may have the upper hand, they have one thing he doesn't have; Journal 3 (though Mabel first states that her grappling hook is their advantage). Dipper and Mabel then attempt to break into the Shack with the help of the gnomes, but Gideon turns the gnomes against them with his pig whistle. Dipper, discouraged by losing to Gideon, mentions that he usually fixes everything before it goes wrong, and it's his fault that Gideon now owns the shack.Mabel tells him to cheer up and says that she'll have to be the hero of the family now, while pulling out her grappling hook.

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