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He told the Sun that many pupils made orders of Lucozade, Chewits, Kit Kats and Fruit Pastilles via Snapchat before picking up the treats at break time.

But the school found out about the business and requested that Nathan stop the sales.

Land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across Europe through iconic locations in history’s most monumental war.

Experience classic Call of Duty combat, the bonds of camaraderie, and the unforgiving nature of war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny.

A 15-year-old entrepreneur nicknamed the 'Wolf of Walthamstow' is being mentored by a former star of the Apprentice.

Nathan John-Baptiste, from east London, has made thousands from building a sweet and fizzy drinks empire and selling his products across three schools.

Nathan's school has broken up for the summer holidays now, but he's using the spare time to further his career prospects.

He is currently undertaking a two-week work experience placement with a door to door property sales company.

The amount of support I get from my contacts is crazy.'He said he has even been invited back to the primary school he was excluded from to do a speech about entrepreneurship for the pupils.Nathan explained that during a talk from a millionaire he attended as part of a development programme to keep him on the right path at school, he learnt about how to make money and how to work hard.He said: 'From year seven I was going down the wrong path. I thought, I want to be like him.'That same day, Nathan starting buying and selling sweets to his fellow students from the boys' toilets and his business, Walking Talking Shop, began.The teen is studying for his GCSEs and is being advised by Paul Sullivan, who appeared on last year's series of the BBC's Apprentice.Nathan said: 'At the moment I'm mentoring with Paul Sullivan, who was on the Apprentice, who has really helped me out a lot.'Mr Sullivan calls himself a 'growth coach and marketing expert' and runs the In Bound Marketing Academy.

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