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Bringing Lindsey home, Laurie finds Annie on the floor, badly hurt but still alive, and calls the police.Michael attacks Laurie and chases her back to the Doyle home.Loomis and Brackett hear the 911 call over the radio and head toward the Wallace residence.Michael kidnaps Laurie and takes her back to their old home.Meanwhile, Annie convinces Laurie to babysit Lindsey Wallace (Jenny Gregg Stewart), a girl Annie is supposed to be watching, so that she can meet with her boyfriend Paul (Max Van Ville).Annie and Paul return to the Wallace home and have sex; Michael kills Paul and attacks Annie.Hall), his mother's boyfriend Ronnie (William Forsythe), and Judith's boyfriend Steve (Adam Weisman). Michael is found guilty of first-degree murder and sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium under the care of child psychologist Dr. Michael initially cooperates with Loomis, claiming no memory of the killings; his mother Deborah (Sheri Moon Zombie), visits him regularly.Over the following year, Michael becomes fixated on his papier-mâché masks and withdraws from everyone, even his mother.

The film stars Tyler Mane as the adult Michael Myers, Malcolm Mc Dowell as Dr.Do you dare tread into this otherworldly dating pool?Online dating services seem to be getting incredibly specialized. Someday soon, we'll all be fondly recalling the great populist power of OK Cupid.He kills a truck driver for his clothes, and makes his way back to Haddonfield.On Halloween, Michael arrives at his now-abandoned childhood home, where he recovers the kitchen knife and Halloween mask he stored under the floorboards the night he killed his sister.

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