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\Vith sound historical scholarship and with keen insight into Luther's religious problems and values it re- creates the spiritual setting of the sixteenth cen- tury 7 ', shows Luther's place within it and his influence upon it, and brings the spirit and mes- sage of Martin Luther to life today.Here 1 Stand is richly illustrated with wood- cuts and engravings from Luther's own time satirical cartoons-, ornamented title pages of tracts and books, including Luther's Bible; and por- traits of the leaders in the political and religious struggle.THE RETURN OF THE EXILE 205 TURMOIL THE INVITATION TO COME BACK THE RETURN TO WITTENBERG XIII.

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1991 organisierte die Stadt für das Areal einen geladenen Wettbewerb zur Gestaltung einer Kleinkunstbühne unter Einbeziehung der zu erhaltenden Remise. 1997 kam wieder eine Finanzierung durch Bund und Land zustande, wurde die Planung auf reduzierte Kosten umgestellt.

THE CHURCH TUTORIAL 326 THE BIBLE TRANSLATION DOCTRINAL PROBLEMS IN TRANSLATION CATECHISMS LITURGY MUSIC HYMNBOOK XX. Christian Schools Edict of the second diet of Niirnberg Erasmus, On the Freedom of the Will 19 HERE I STAND 1525 January March April 19 May 5 May 5 May 15 May-June June 13 July before Christmas December 1526 June 25- August 27 1527 January April 1528 1529 1530 summer March 22 March 28 April 19 October 1-4 April 16 June 25 1531 1534 1536 1539 1543 January 4 July 1545 March 25 1546 February 18 Against the Heavenly Prophets Twelve articles of the peasants Admonition to Peace Death of Frederick the Wise Against the Robbing and Murdering Horde Battle of Frankenhausen; capture of Miintzer Crushing of the peasants Luther's betrothal to Katherine von Bora Open Letter Concerning the Hard Book Against the Peasants The German Mass On the Enslaved Will Diet of Speyer defers action on the Edict of Worms Exposition of Jonah Whether Soldiers Too May Be Saved Whether These Words: This Is My Body Sickness, intense depression Composition of "A Mighty Fortress" Instruction -for the Visitors Confession of the Lord's Supper Protest at the Diet of Speyer Marburg Colloquy; German catechism Luther at the Coburg Presentation of the Augsburg Confession Exposition of the Eighty-Second Psalm (Death penalty for sedition and blasphemy) Warning to His Beloved Germans Publication of the complete German Bible Wittenberg Concord with the Swiss Outbreak of Anabaptists at Miinster Melanchthon's memorandum on the death pen- alty for peaceful Anabaptists Bigamy of the Landgrave Philip Against the Jews Publication of the Genesis Commentary (lec- tures delivered from 1535-1545) Against the Papacy at Rome Founded by the Devil Luther's death at Eisleben 20 CHAPTER ONE THE Vow N A SULTRY DAY in July of the year 1505 a- lonely traveler was trudging over a parched road on the outskirts of the Saxon village of Stotternheim.

THE CHURCH MINISTERIAL 348 PREACHING SERMON ON THE NATIVITY EXPOSITION OF JONAH PRAYER XXI. 387 REFERENCES 397 SOURCES OF ILLUSTRATIONS 407 INDEX .....411 12 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Woodcuts of School Scenes of Luther's Day 23 A Student Wearing the Donkey Mask 24 Hans and Margaretta Luther by Cranach 26 Fiends Tempting a Dying Man to Abandon Hope 29 Christ the Judge Sitting upon the Rainbow 31 View of the City of Erfurt 32 Sixteenth-Century Monks in a Choir 35 The Augustinian Cloister Luther Entered as a Monk 38 Celebrating the Mass in Luther's Time . 40 Illustration from Luther's Bible of 1522 43 Monks of the Sixteenth Century 46-49 Wittenberg in 1627 53 Illustrated Title Page of Luther's Bible of 1541 61 Cranach's "Frederick the Wise Adoring the Virgin and Child" . 70 A Holbein Cartoon Showing True and False Repentance .... 381 Luther in the Year of His Death 383 16 CHRONOLOGY 1483 November 10 Birth of Martin Luther at Eisleben 1484 early summer Family moved to Alansfeld 1497 about Easter Luther goes to school at Magdeburg 1498 Luther goes to school at Eisenach 1501 May Matriculation at Erfurt 1502 September 29 Bachelor of Arts 1505 January 7 Master of Arts July 2 Thunderstorm and vow July 17 Enters Augustinian cloister at Erfurt 1507 May 2 First mass 1508 winter Teaches one semester at Wittenberg 1509 October Return to Erfurt 1510 November Journey to Rome 1511 early April Return to Erfurt; transfer to Wittenberg 1512 October 19 Doctor of Theology 1513 August 16 Lectures on Psalms begin 1515 April Lectures on Romans begin 1516 September 7 Lectures on Romans end October 27 Lectures on Galatians begin 1517 October 31 Posting the ninety-five theses 1518 April 26 Disputation at Heidelberg July Prierias attacks Luther August 5 Maximilian writes to the pope August 7 The pope cites Luther to Rome August 8 Luther appeals to Frederick August 25 Melanchthon arrives August 31 Luther's reply to Prierias September 26 Luther starts for Augsburg October 12-14 Interview with Cajetan October 20-21 Flight from Augsburg October 30 ' Back in Wittenberg November 8 The bull Cum Postquam November 28 Luther appeals to a general council 17 HERE I STAND December 2 December 18 1519 January 4-6 January 12 June 28 July 4-14 1520 January May June 11 June 15 August October 6 1520 October 10 November 4 November 12 November November 28 December 10 December 17 1521 January 3 January 5 January 27 February 10 February 13 February 14 February 17 February 19 February 22 March 2 March 6 March 8 March 26 April 10 Ready to go into exile Frederick will not banish Luther Interview of Luther with Miltitz Death of Emperor Maximilian Election of Charles V Leipzig debate between Luther and Eck Hutten and Sickingen offer Luther help Sermon on Good Works Offer of protection from one hundred knights; The Papacy at Rome Exsurge Domne gives Luther sixty days to submit Address to the German Nobility Babylonian Captivity Luther receives the pope's bull Charles at Cologne promises a hearing Burning of Luther's books at Cologne Against the Execrable Bull of Antichrist; On the Freedom of the Christian Man Luther invited to Worms Burning by Luther of the pope's bull Invitation to Worms rescinded The bull Decet Romanum Pontificum against Luther is ready Frederick arrives at Worms The diet of Worms opens The bull against Luther reaches Aleander Aleander's three-hour speech; the bull is sent back Glapion's attempts at mediation Draft of an edict against Luther Intense opposition Decision to summon Luther Second draft of an edict Invitation to Luther Edict for sequestration of Luther's books ready Edict issued Glapion reports failure of mission to Hutten and Sickingen 18 CHRONOLOGY April 16 April 17 April 18 April 19 April 20 April 23-24 April 26 May 4 May 8 May 26 September 22 November 12 December 3-4 December December 25 December 27 1522 January 6 February 26 March 1-6 September- May, 1523 September September 14 March 6 March Pentecost Julyl 1523 1524 August 23 September January- February April 18 September Luther in Worms First hearing Second hearing The emperor announces his decision Diet requests a committee Hearings before the committee Luther leaves Worms Luther arrives at the Wartburg Edict of Worms ready Edict of Worms actually issued Melanchthon celebrates an evangelical Lord's Supper Thirteen monks leave the Augustinian cloister Tumult at Wittenberg; Luther's flying trip home and return Commencement of the New Testament transla- tion; work on the Sermon Postils Carlstadt gives wine in the mass to laity Zwickau prophets in Wittenberg Disbanding of the Augustinian Congregation at Wittenberg Justus Jonas, minister of the Castle Church at Wittenberg, marries Luther's return to Wittenberg Sickingen's campaign against Trier Luther's German New Testament published Hadrian VI elected pope Edict of the Diet of Niirnberg deferring action On Civil Government On the Order of Worship Burning of the first martyrs of the Reformation at Brussels Death of Hutten Clement VII elected pope Hymnbook To the Councilman . He was a young man, short but sturdy, and wore the dress of a university student.

TJNITEO STATES OP AMERICA To my KATHERINE VON BORA ACKNOWLEDGMENTS PORTIONS of this book have been delivered as the Nathaniel Tay- lor lectures at the Yale Divinity School, the Carew Lectures at the Hartford Seminary Foundation, and the Hein Lectures at the Wart- burg Seminary and Capital University, as well as at the Bonebrake Theological Seminary, the Gettysburg Theological Seminary, and the Divinity School of Howard University. Extensive travel and borrowing for this work have not been necessary because the Yale library is so richly supplied and so generous in acquiring new material. THE CLOISTER 37 THE TERROR OF THE HOLY THE WAY OF SELF-HELP THE MERITS OF THE SAINTS THE TRIP TO ROME EL THE GOSPEL 52 THE FAILURE OF CONFESSION THE MYSTIC LADDER THE EVANGELICAL EXPERIENCE IV. THE SAXON Hus 102 THE GAUNTLET OF ECK THE LEIPZIG DEBATE THE ENDORSEMENT OF HUS 9 HERE I STAND VII. 121 THE HUMANISTS: ERASMUS MELANCHTHON AND DURER THE NATIONALISTS: HUTTEN AND SICKINGEN VIII.


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