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H.264 video compression is supported on the C922 (as with all premium model Logitech cameras like the C930e, Conference Cam Connect and Logitech Group.) This helps both frame rates and significantly reduces the size of the data stream or captured files saved to disk.

It should also be noted that while the 920 had a Zeiss optics brand lens, the 922 makes no mention of Zeiss's trademark and like the C615 has switched to an optical-quality glass lens instead.

It should be noted many Apple computers like the Mac mini and Mac Book Air often have much slower processors in the 1Ghz range, although Apple does support a 'Turbo' CPU up-clocking mode to temporarily ramp up the clock speed under demanding tasks when needed.

On lesser Mac's you might not reach or sustain maximum frame rates possible.

(The C922X 'X' model doesn't include the tripod.) Internally improved circuitry enhances the web camera's frame rates to now achieve up to 60 FPS at 720p HD resolution.1080p (which is very demanding no matter how you slice it) capture remains at 30 FPS.

Both of these presume you have a very fast Intel CPU - ideally over 2GHZ.

An available i OS app replicates the remote's functionality and buttons so you can optionally use an i Phone or i Pad as the remote control.

The 4K Meet Up Conference Cam aims to deliver a complete and compact voice and video meeting solution that offers 720p, 1080p and 4K camera resolution options.Full-size free-standing professional tripods for conferencing or staged scenes.3.Desktop mini-tripods for close-ups and convenience. With a design style similar to the C920, the C922 Stream Pro features a darker, black housing and mounting clip with standard tripod mount hole for the included mini desktop tripod.The Brio is the first Apple compatible 4K webcam for Mac that also takes the web camera marketplace to USB 3.0 connectivity.With a Type-C USB-C interface at the camera's back, an appropriate, interchangeable cable can be used for Apple computers with either traditional Type-A USB ports or the new Thunder Bolt3 / USBC ports being incorporated into new Mac Book laptops and desktop systems.

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