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You certainly can, by all means, use the crib right away if you choose, but most mommies found that the first time we put our tiny, helpless newborns in their giant, spacious, jail-like (yet well-appointed! Especially for first-time parents, having your baby close by usually feels more reassuring than having her off in a separate room.

In addition, practically speaking, middle-of-the-night feedings – whether you are nursing or bottle-feeding – and diaper changes are WAY easier if your baby is right in the same room, nearby, versus having to schlep all over the house.

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I ALWAYS followed these tenets for overnight sleeping, but when my son fell asleep during the day in his bouncer or his swing, I let him sleep, and I kept an eye on him.Therefore, I highly recommend a temporary newborn sleeping venue, perhaps one that is more portable and nest-like.Keep in mind that bassinets (small baby beds with low walls) can only be used until 6 months or so; once your baby can sit up, she’ll have to go into something with higher walls, such as a Pack ‘N Play or real crib. Sure, those will do the trick, but I’m not a big fan of expensive items that only get used for a few months.**By the way, if “co-sleeping” and “bed-sharing” sound like a foreign language to you, don’t worry.It’s also lightweight(ish) and can be easily moved to different rooms or to grandma’s house. Some parents have also had an issue with the strap for the bouncer being very small/short, or with the quality of the bouncer component (specifically, its “rockiness”), but overall this is a great pick Parents are really liking FP’s new bedside bassinet, too.It has “calming vibrations” meant to soothe babies to sleep.

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