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So, to keep the muscle-building going all day long, you have to eat some protein at every meal.

“Refined foods are processed to the point that they are digested more readily and the body can absorb more of their calories,” she says.

While everyone is a little different in exactly how many carbs they need (that depends a lot upon the workouts you’re performing), 1g of carbs per pound of your bodyweight per day is a good starting point for most abs-chasing guys.

After all, research published in shows that carbs don’t only boost endurance performance, but also high-intensity exercise performance, which is critical to burning fat and building muscle (aka building a six-pack).

Will showing your abs help or hinder your ability to capture the ladies’ attention and affection?

Before you make this very important decision, check out the interesting research below, as well as what women on Reddit have to say about displaying one’s naked torso in the online dating realm.

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