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To many, Chad’s “preference” seems like just that—a preference. He essentially told me to my face that he needed power over his future wife, a slippery-slope of a mindset that feeds into and is a prelude for those who commit sexual assault and harassment.Apparently, I’m not the only woman to endure such sexism while dating.One commenter said her date admitted to her he didn’t like tattoos on women, despite having many himself.If I can’t even make it through a simple meal without an harmfully archaic view of women, it’s no wonder women face such momentous obstacles in every facet of life—from not getting that raise despite having the qualifications to having our bodies seen as public space to not being believed when we report our sexual assaults.pretty accurate scale of the rape culture we’re up against." data-reactid="50"Of course, my limited experiences and the experiences of a dozen women on my Facebook page can’t show the full extent to which this problem actually exists in society, but the dates I went on showed me a pretty accurate scale of the rape culture we’re up against.Rape culture exists in the college professor who touches his female student’s leg ever-so-slightly.

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